Gouache Mastery
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Gouache is an amazing painting medium that allows you to produce paintings with vibrant colors and an incredible velvety finish.

In this FREE guide, you will learn how to choose the right materials for painting with gouache so that you don’t waste your time and money by trying supplies that don’t work.

"Excellent advice! All you need to know about gouache, beautifully presented. Thank you very much for sharing!"

— Magnus

In this 20-page PDF you will learn:

  • How to decide which colors you need when you start with gouache and how you can expand your palette to make it even more effective.

  • What kind of storage palettes to use with gouache to prevent your beautiful colors from fast drying.

  • Why you need to use two whites with gouache.

  • How to choose the right paper and what kinds of brushes work best with gouache.

  • About the setup that I like using for plein air painting with gouache.

    You will also be provided with many useful tips that will make your painting experience smoother.

"Wow! Excellent, professional and well thought out guide! This was such a breeze to peruse and yet will be easy to reread many times recentering before painting. Thank you Lena for your generosity!"

— Norma

Hi, I am Lena Rivo! I am a professional painter who teaches enthusiastic artists how to capture the beauty of the subjects that inspire them.

I help my students convey the illusion of light and atmosphere in their paintings and get the most from the colors on their palette. The fundamental principles that I teach are universal and can be applied to any painting medium be it oil, acrylics, soft pastels, watercolor or gouache.

Having used gouache for several years now, it has gradually become my favorite painting medium. Its vibrant, deep and solid colors give me full freedom to capture the beauty of nature.


If you are curious about gouache and like experimenting with new mediums, download this FREE guide to learn more about this outstanding medium for fine art!

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"Oh my !!!This wonderful compilation of materials and information, it is extremely valuable to me as I am beginning to work in gouache and completely grateful for this direction and it is a special gift I wanted to say a big thank you so much!!!!!"

— Claudia